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A Healthier Gut, For A Healthier Life

I don’t often write about human health.

This blog is an exception that I hope will help some visitors as much as I have been helped. Two years ago, after a series of minor illnesses that necessitated the taking of antibiotics, I started having abdominal discomfort, bloating, weight gain, irritability of the gut, and other unpleasant consequences that don’t need description. I needed a solution.

So Norma Gairdner, my charming sister, who has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine (and can be found at suggested I try Progurt, an interesting and novel product she recommends and sells. Though I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to natural medicine, I’m not close-minded, and will generally try anything that I figure will not harm me.

What’s this? I ask.

It turns out that Progurt offers a complete line of probiotic gut-care products that have been selling world-wide for over 15 years, and now has operations in Canada.

The background is that the “microbiome”- the colony of up to a hundred trillion microbial cells found in the gut of every human – does all sorts of amazing things to help us digest food, fight infections, develop immunity, ease stress & anxiety, and so much more.

But it can be altered and weakened by sickness, antibiotics, stress, alcohol, trauma, and other factors. That’s what happened to me.

When I first had a digestive problem, I went to the drug store for a “probiotic”, and took it as instructed. But with no result. Unbeknownst to me, most commercially available probiotics are made from either cow, pig, or plant strains, and the one I selected didn’t help at all. Eventually, I gave up, and chalked my problem up to aging.

However, Progurt is different, and I can’t say enough about the results I had. It’s a unique probiotic containing over 1 trillion CFUs – “Colony Forming Units” – per small packet (or “sachet”) of friendly human bacterial strains identical to those we were naturally born with, that readily colonize in the human gut.

You simply mix the bacterial powder in a glass of water, drink it, and the acid-loving friendly bacteria thrive, replicate, and flourish. Honestly, I am still a little surprised at how fast I experienced relief. Within one or two days my abdominal bloating was greatly reduced, and is now gone. Other digestive issues were calmed as quickly.  And I feel great.

When I mentioned this result to my 37 year-old son, he said he wanted to try Progurt too. So, I gave him two sachets. Progurt isn’t cheap, so this was appreciated. Curious, I called him a week later and asked how it went? His answer? “Felt better within twenty-four hours.”

For those interested in trying Progurt, my sister has been kind enough to offer visitors to my website a 10% discount on all products available in Canada and the USA.

For my Canadian followers, go to and use discount code Canada10

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