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“Beyond The Rhetoric”, My New eBook, Is Now Available

In an act of flagrant self-promotion, I am pleased to announce the publication of my first Kindle eBook, which is a collection of my best columns from Epoch Times newspaper. It will soon be available straight from this website. But in the meantime you can get it here:

One of the great features of the Kindle format is that you can send a gift copy from the Amazon site straight to any friend or relative; but better yet, to your intellectual adversaries as a great debate-starter. I wish you all good reading (and debating).

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  1. Larry

    The Epoch Times is a weekly newspaper I often buy the Western Canada edition of the Epoch Times it’s now one the very best newspapers in North America. And congratulations Mr.Gairdner for the release of your new book Beyond The Rhetoric your previous books such as The War Against The Family and On Higher Ground are informative,interesting,smart and outstanding!.

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