The Trouble with Canada…Still

From #1 Bestseller on the Globe and Mail Bestseller list (1990), comes a fresh look. This is a powerful update of the #1 Bestseller of 1990 that sparked a conservative renewal by issuing a comprehensive moral and intellectual challenge to the steady ideological drift of Canada into the trap of socialism that began in the 1960s. Public illusions, economic and moral, are exposed in this blistering, gloves-off critique of the welfare state, criminal injustice, medical mediocrity, Quebec’s separatist follies, foreign aid scandals, the multicultural boondoogle, and much more …


“[The book] revisits the statist, politically correct, over-regulated albatross that has been weighing on Canada’s spirit. Throw it off! Gairdner shows you how. This is an eloquent plea for liberty and independence by a keen-eyed critic who combines singing prose with a gimlet eye. Read this book! You’ll want to require every politician in Ottawa to pass a test on it before assuming office.” Roger Kimball, Editor, The New Criterion (Foundation for Cultural Renewal, New York).

“The original Trouble With Canada opened my eyes to the decline of liberty in Canada. Now, with The Trouble With Canada … Still!, Gairdner speaks to a new generation with a thoroughly updated version of that classic book. The struggle for freedom is never over.” Tom Flanagan, Professor of Political Science at The University of Calgary