“The French Traveler”: A Rousing Peek Into The Past

“The French Traveler”: A Rousing Peek Into The Past

The French Traveler is finally out, and available on Amazon, right here:


This is such a refreshingly frank and honest view of the extremely rugged and wild life of settlers and explorers – but especially of Iroquois and Huron Indians – in mid-Eighteenth-century Canada, that many readers get a bit of a shock.

Yes, a shock. First of all, a shock of delight at the stirring, but very honest, and seemingly innocent writing that gives an immediate sense of peeking through a keyhole in time, into a previously hidden world.

I say “hidden” because for most of us, that’s true. The truth of Indian life in particular, has been hidden from us by the left-liberal sanitization of texts and by politically-correct public conceits about the “Noble Savage” – who was in fact (as this book shows) often truly noble. But just as often, truly ignoble and savage, in very gruesome ways. Better be sitting down!

If you want a truly memorable and rousing reading experience that will also arm you for discussions about the truth of our past, you will find it in The French Traveler.







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  1. I live in King Township, don’t have an Amazon account so wondered if I could buy a copy of the French Traveller from you? Heading on vacation on Friday, would love to take it with me🤓

    Andrea on Dufferin Street.

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