The War Against the Family

As his second bestseller, this book really threw the cat amongst the pigeons, critiquing in depth the ideological assumptions of pro-statists everywhere who have set out (believe it or not) to weaken, even to destroy the role of the mother-father-child family in the West. Gairdner warns those who dare to enter: “You had better be sitting down, because there will be tears.”


“They love it or they hate it. It’s a new book on family values which is causing a stir across the nation.” Ottawa Citizen

The War Against The Family documents in poll after poll Canadians have expressed themselves as opposed to the very policies which bureaucrats have nevertheless imposed vigorously upon them.” Alberta Report

“The Voice of the silent majority. . .” Edmonton Journal

“Gairdner’s provocative approach ensures that both those on the left and on the right will be irate. The former will be angry at seeing their favorite oxen gored. The latter will fume at the very existance of those oxen.” Faith Today

“When I read The Trouble With Canada and The War Against The Family I couldn’t help but reflect on the great societies of history that have disintegrated because of their internal corruption. In Greece and Rome, no one listened to the Bill Gairdner’s of their days. We still have a chance to save ourselves, and Bill Gairdner valiantly shows us how.” The Calgary Sun