Democracy Against The Family: Part 2

Here is the second part of my article on this all-important topic of exactly how democratic states that have mutated from their original foundation in liberty begin to erode their own civil societies.
You can read it all here, or click below to read it as published by Epoch Times newspaper:
For more than a century all the modern democracies, each at a different rate, have been abandoning their foundation in ordered liberty for a new foundation of mandated equality. This is justified as a necessary means to create a more fair and equal polity. That has nothing to do with the original democratic promise of an equal start-line in the race of life, but rather, with the creation by law of a more or less equal finish-line. Equal enough, that is, to garner more gratitude and thus more citizen-loyalty to the democratic state. Ironically, this ambition is carried out by way of an incremental war on various kinds of privilege and moral distinction created spontaneously by our own civil societies.
So the democracies are now at war with themselves. Privilege-producing civil societies, within equality-forcing democratic states, have ended up pitched against each other in a troubling battle to the death for citizen loyalty. Even though it is by far the more humanly gratifying, civil society is also by far the weaker, and has been losing the war badly.
One of the great ironies of our time is that we celebrate a public love of equality, but also of human community. But the latter can only be produced by a process of social-bonding that creates insiders and outsiders, or unequals. Let’s see how that works.

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