Disruptive Essays

This is a collection that includes many of William Gairdner’s best essays as they have appeared in various journals, some previously unpublished essays, and important selections from his many published books. It is in the genre of a “Reader” intended to serve as a well-rounded introduction to Gairdner’s work for newcomers, as well as a handy refresher for those seeking a return to his wide-ranging body of ideas.


Disruptive Essays is like a “greatest hits” album from a tireless musician, although the melodies are formed with words and ideas, not musical notes. William Gairdner’s books have informed and inspired a generation … after reading this collection, you will see why.” From the Preface, by Tom Flanagan, Professor Emeritus of Political Science University of Calgary

“In this collection of essays,William Gairdner informs, questions, and unsettles his readers by ‘disrupting’ their unexamined or complacent views about politics, culture, religion, and much more – and always as a teacher, encouraging them to think for themselves anew.” Salim Mansur, Professor of Political Science, University of Western Ontario