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Canada: A Totalitarian State In Progress?

Well now… It was a surprise a couple of days ago to see this article appear in the American Thinker website. I would suggest studying it a little, even if you are not Canadian. It describes something that is happening everywhere in the West.

This is a formidable conservative-style website with about 4.5 million visits a month. Not small potatoes. It was written by David Solway, an excellent Canadian poet and thinker. He is one of those rare human beings who always surprises, because whenever he begins to speak you never know what he is going to say. But it is always arresting. He tied a lot together here, and when read in a sober frame of mind it makes me think of what another colleague, who happened to emigrate to Canada some decades ago from a communist country, said. Also surprising.

“What was it like to live under communism?”

He replied:

“It wasn’t scary. It was just incredibly banal and boring.”

What is happening in Canada is also incredibly banal and boring. But If communism can be banal and boring, can banal and boring also be communism?

Not quite. But we are heading more toward it than away from it.

Canadians and Americans (who are experiencing many of these same phenomena) will probably never develop an ideologically rigorous defense of these socially and morally oppressive social-control and attitude-policing techniques. They will call them by some other, more duplicitous and less honest name or peppy slogan, such as “EDI” (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion), or “Affirmative Action.”

Well, they have already done that. So, just as in the communist countries, this goes from changes of language, to distortions of meaning of the language, to threats of punishment for speaking illegally, to suspensions and fines, to threats of forced re-education, to incarceration … and so on.

To reactions such as: “Who would have believed it?”

To silence

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  1. Larry

    Canada’s present PM Justin Trudeau,constantly promotes radical feminist ideology and the LGBT.He’s a self declared feminist who is deeply into political correctness over reality and has put Canada into more financial debt every year he’s been Prime Minister.Justin Trudeau last year appointed a feminist Janet Austin to the position of Lieutenant Governor of BC.Janet Austin seems to be more interested in promoting her feminist causes than a fondness for the British Monarchy which she is suppose to represent.

  2. Larry

    Justin Trudeau has turned Canada’s Liberal party into a feminist organization!.

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