Climate Change: Alarmists vs Skeptics

I have become embroiled in researching a column on climate alarmism and skepticism. Embroiled is the right word. It’s a mess of scientific controversy, academic mugging, and reputation-slurring.
In the process I have become much more skeptical myself as to the claims from all sides (though I am far more skeptical of government-backed “alarmists” such as as found in the UN’s IPCC reports, than of “skeptics” who attack them)
I have been reading passionate books on both the alarmist case , and on the skeptical case.
The best recent alarmist book is by Joseph Romm, Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know.  It is very well done and easy to read. You may be able to download the book here:
The skeptical position is well-outlined in a publication by The Heartland Institute. It is also well done and very clear. During the last IPCC conference, Heartland ran an alternative conference down the street for its 700 member-scientists. This ought to indicate a healthy climate of debate, but I fear the two sides are just experiencing a hardening of the attitudes rather than working out their differences.
You can get this important dissenting study on the site below. Just go to the homepage and click “Download” to get a free pdf copy.
For those too busy to read the whole thing, there is a three-page executive summary that will shock most people who have swallowed the alarmist story whole.
In my upcoming column I intend to look at both sides, but mostly to ask the questions any reasonable citizen might want to ask.

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  1. James Small

    Then entire “catastrophic climate change caused by man” is and has always been 100% fraud, the largest most devastating fraud in all of human history. And it’s very easy to prove. Don’t need to read any books on the subject. All it takes is some common sense that is staring everyone in the face.

    I guarantee you that ALL the people… Celebrities, politicians etc. who are actively pushing all the policy related to climate change KNOW they are deliberately lying about it.

    How do I know this? Easy. If they actually believed their own propaganda, that it was a terrible concern and we’ll destroy the planet if we don’t do something about it IMMEDIATELY like they are always saying, they would NOT live as they do in opulence. They’d live more like the rest of us who are just struggling with all the damned taxes that they force us to pay. They’d set an example and cut back on their own energy usage, most of whom use more energy in a month than we do in a year. They’d stop buying Ferraris and stop using limousines to get to their galas. They’d junk their massive diesel powered yachts and get rid of their private jets. They’d have small, modest sized homes that use less energy instead of multi million dollar mansions like they have which require ten times the energy to air condition or heat than we do. They’d fly coach when they travel instead of business class (business class uses more space on an airplane meaning the plane can’t carry as many people making it less efficient) and avoid any private charter flights. Moreover, they’d keep just enough of their earnings to live modestly and use their OWN millions to fund their beloved so-called “alternative energy sources” instead of telling the rest of us that we have to pay higher taxes to do so. And on and on and on it goes.

    But they DON’T do any of those things, proving… PROVING!!! … that they KNOW it’s NOT a problem and they are deliberately lying about it.

    Doesn’t take much to understand all this. And the fact that so many of our neighbors still believe the lies that all these enviro-wackos and glitterati spew is further proof of what I keep saying… PEOPLE ARE VERY, VERY STUPID!

    1. William Gairdner

      Wow, Jim. You got really worked up over this! I agree that most of these climate “scientists” are living in denial. I have a neighbour who flies by jet pane to the arctic a dozen times a year for climate studies. When I tell him he is putting more greenhouse gasses in the air in a year than I will in a lifetime, he just looks at me as if I don’t understand what valuable work he is doing for us all! I don’t quite agree that this cognitive dissonance proves his theories are wrong. I think it just proves he is living in denial for what he is convinced is a higher cause and that the means justifies the end. climate alarmism can be disproven by contrary climate studies themselves, as the Heartland book I pointed to in my blog will make clear. Thx for writing!

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