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Climate Skeptics Push Back!

Great to see accomplished scientists resisting the prevalent alarmist hysteria – especially the teenagers seizing every opportunity to skip school and vent their teenage outrage as encouraged by their gullible teachers,

Check this out!

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  1. Travis Schaber

    It’s all true, but I feel the real way to get those climatologists point through is for smart thinking nations to leave the UN all together. Then real science will have a voice. In science you first conduct an experiment and record the results; then you submit those results for scrutiny by a body of your peers. If the results match then your expectations they are published as fact. The UN has subscribed to fact without a peer study and peers have shown up in a world gathering of competent climatologists who say we have challenged the claims and find them false! About 30, 000 of them including a lady professor from Harvard. However, the UN being full of progressive globalists that want a one world government and human enslavement, must first destabilize and eliminate the powerful middleclass only about 300 years old. They can only get their hands on its wealth by over taxing it and redistributing it by carbon taxes to unproductive and dictatorship states, increasing their power and the power of rogue states to carve up the power of the first world middleclass. Thus the global first class wins and rest of us become serfs once again and a new dark age arrives. This is the goal of David Suzuki, Al Gore and the Marxist groups under the disguise of environmentalism to upset the sovereignty of free nations. God help us!

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