“Disruptive Essays” – Just Released! There Are No Safe Spaces In This Book

This is a letter of flagrant self-promotion to say that my latest book, Disruptive Essays, has just been released, and is available on websites such as Amazon and Chapters. You can see it on the Home page of this website, and in my “Books section, where you can click to purchase easily. On the cover, I warn:  There Are No Safe Spaces In This Book!”

Word is that university students in residence at our temples of political correctness are buying the book in droves and hiding it under their mattresses for secret reading at night!

Since I first posted this message, the book has been selling well. So thanks to all who have already purchased it.

These essays were assembled because many people have told me over the years they would like to read some of my work, but don’t know which book to start with. So I decided to prepare this one as a “Reader”, which is to say, as a collection of essays drawn from all my books, from journal articles I have published but which most readers will not have seen unless they are subscribers to those journals, and from previously unpublished work.

It feels awkward to urge people to buy my books. But this is the holiday season, and over the years I have found that most people are thankful for the suggestion. They so often have said: “Oh Great idea! My Dad [or my spouse, my brother, my daughter] would love a book like that for  Christmas.”

So … if you want to change minds, to change the country, or just want to please (or challenge) someone you know ? Please consider clicking one of the links below, and that part of your shopping will be done!

Below the links, is the Table of Contents, so you can see what’s in the book. Better be sitting down!









Table of Contents for Disruptive Essays

On Politics, Society, and Government

1)  How Popular Illusions Produce Public Ignorance

2) Democracy and the Anti-Polis

3) Hell No, Quebec Can’t Go! (Repeat … Repeat … Repeat)

4) Conservatism In A Nutshell

5) The Senate, and the Tyranny of the Majority

6) A Shock Sheet on Canada

On Sex, Feminism, and All That

7) Religion, Sex, & The City

8) Rethinking Nabokov’s Lolita: Why Beautiful Writing Cannot Make the Ugly Beautiful

9) If You Want Pure Egalitarian Democracy, You Have to Kill Babies

10) The Daycare Temptation: Sacrificing the Well-being of Children For $$$.

On The Family, Gender, and Innate Sex Differences

11) Sexing Society

12) Sex, “Brain Sex”, and Evolution theory

13) The Family Is A Democracy? (Get Ready to Lose the Election)

14) Killing Marriage (Trigger Warning for all LBGTQers, etc., etc,. etc.)

15) Restoring the Pro-Family State (A Rescue Kit)

On Culture, and More

16) Deep Culture, Skin-Deep Culture, and Sushi

17) Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever Agree

18) Tom Wolfe, and “The Kingdom of Speech”

19) Lance Armstrong and the Sport of Lying

20)  Global Warming (& Cooling) In A Nutshell

21) The Constants of Nature

On Democracy, Libertarian-Socialism, & Micro-Fascism (Really)

22) How Rousseau Might As Well Have Started WW II

23) What Happened When John Stuart Mill Fell in Love With Poetry & Another Man’s Wife

24) The Triumph of Will Over Nature

On Islam and Islamism

25) Charlie Hebdo & The War of the Gods

26) What Kind of Islam Is It? The Sooner We  Figure This Out, The Better

27) Why The Gods of Islam and Christianity Aren’t The Same

On Freedom

28) On Libertarian-Socialism: How Liberal Democracy Overcame Its Own Contradiction

29) Six Kinds of Freedom

30) Some Paradoxes of Freedom: The Will to Control, to Obey, and To Be Free

On Relativism & Universalism

31) Anthropology & The New Universalism

32) Universal Moral Beliefs

On Christianity, Democracy, & The Roots of  “Political Religion”

33) Democracy and The Politics of Perfection

34) Marx’s “True Democracy”

35) Hitler’s “True Democracy”




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  1. Jim Small

    Bill! You’re using “Xmas”????? Oh no! Say it isn’t SO! Even Canadian Tire spells it fully as “Christmas”!

    Joking with you Bill. Keep up the great work. Will look for the book. I wish you could do audiobooks though, then I can listen to them as I work. Problem with reading books is I have to take significant time off to do it which I don’t have anymore as I work to pay bills and taxes. Hopefully you can do some as audio formats of some sort. I’d love to see that done.

    1. William Gairdner

      Hey Jim –

      Have you listened to any of my podcasts? Not full books, of course, but they draw from my books. If you do listen, please let me know what you think. I will look into the audio-book possibilities. Thx for writing. And … Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Mikofox

    Hi Bill,
    a Kindle version would be nice as I have the same habit as Jim. I use text-to-speech on Mac to read books back to me while working. It’s also great for copy/paste to Twitter, which I use for clips of your works all the time. But of course a hard copy is also nice to have for the library.

    I’m so glad you are still writing!

    To you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

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