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How Democracy Becomes Totalitarian

The phrase “totalitarian democracy” at first sounds very odd. How could that be? Aren’t these two political systems opposites? That’s what most people believe. But as this talk explains, and as an influential French critic has remarked, “democracy is the time of tyranny’s incubation.” The fine British political philosopher Michael Oakeshott put it another way, which surely makes us stop and think: “It is impossible to understand either communism, fascism, or national socialism without first understanding the doctrine of representative democracy … it is the parent of these ungracious children.” Really? This talk explains step by the step the process by means of which pure democratic principles mutate into pure totalitarian doctrine.

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  1. Reeson

    Hello Bill, the provided link is incidental to the topic of discussion in this particular blog entry (i.e. How democracy becomes totalitarian). I find it ironic that Russia has taken a stance on the family that closely mirrors your own even going so far as to pay for Men and Women to marry & have children, while Canada – a shining Western Democracy, is doing everything and anything possible to thwart heterosexual pairing between Man and Woman.

    I don’t think Russia escapes criticism however, as Russia had something to do with Canada’s current cultural malaise. Canadian society has been intentionally weakened, scientifically. The KGB had developed AND IMPLEMENTED psychological devices to destabilize Western societies. They referred to these techniques as “активные мероприятия”, or “Active Measures” which had a major goal of demoralizing a target population. Coupled with the psychological warfare apparatus developed and implemented by the Frankfurt School for Social Research, Active Measures has produced the end result we can now witness expressed as widespread confusion, disarray and hopelessness among our People.

    1. William Gairdner

      Thanks so much for this very interesting comment. I remember reading one of Putin’s speeches given at the annual Valda conference, and was struck by it as a warning to the West – to which, alas, we have not listened.

    2. William Gairdner

      thanks for these comments and this link

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