“It Landed On President Trump’s Desk This Morning”

Here is the link to my article “Democracy, Abortion, and Slavery,” which was recently published in The Epoch Times newspaper in New York City.


In my opinion, the link established here between abortion and the new kind of slavery it engenders is of utmost importance. So, I encourage all readers of this piece to send it to your list of contacts and get the word out. Then, maybe, one day, as a people, we will be able to say: “I once was blind, but now, I see.”

The New York Editor wrote me the day after it was published to say “It landed on President Trump’s desk this morning.”

He is a regular reader of The Epoch Times, so that was fun to imagine he may have actually seen this piece.

Then, yesterday, I got a call from New York. It was a writer for Epoch Times calling to ask my opinion about Trump’s State of the Union address, and what did I think about all the socialism chatter in America these days?

I told him that because America’s Constitution and governmental structure were cobbled together specifically to make big government impossible, they will find themselves faced with a Constitutional crisis of major proportions if they continue in this direction. It would require a lot of Amendments, or a new Constitution entirely to make socialism legitimate in America.

So … I think Trump was right to say “America will never be a socialist country.”




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