You are currently viewing My New Video On “The Four Stages of Liberalism”

My New Video On “The Four Stages of Liberalism”

I am quite excited about this video, which is modeled on the terrific series of 5-minute videos made by Prager U, and was created by a few Canadians responsible for a new website still under construction, called The North Wire that you can see here: You can also see it on this website by moving to my “Media Interviews” at the top of the page. The video on the left is by my colleague and friend Dr. Shawn Whatley, and it will be a sobering correction for all enthusiasts of socialized medicine, Canadian-style (which is to say for Americans who are promoting this system for the USA). My video is on the right, and gives my analysis of what has happened to the original “liberalism” of the Western world, which has mutated through four stages to produce what I call “libertarian-socialism.” This is not meant to be a fancy phrase. It simply describes best what the Western democracies have become; namely, almost an equal mixture of both these originally competitive political philosophies. The video explains how this was done.

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  1. Ernest Miller

    Absolutely brilliant. I wish we could get your commentary into the greater community of ideas. Your philosophy, if I may use that word, may save many a democracy.

    1. William Gairdner

      Thanks Ernest. The video seems to be touching a chord. Your kind help in circulating it will help get the word out.

  2. Shawn Whatley

    Great video, Bill!

    Thanks again for doing it and for helping spark the whole modern conservative movement in Canada (if I may be so bold).

    Be well,


    1. William Gairdner

      Thanks for your kind words, Shawn. Much appreciated!

  3. Ben Shenton

    Have you thought about approaching PragerU?
    They have a huge following throughout the world and authors such as yourself looks to be a good fit

    1. William Gairdner

      Thanks Ben. This video was modeled on the Prager U type of video. I will look into approaching them.

      1. William Gairdner

        I wrote them two weeks ago, but I suspect they get a lot of mail, and am not holding my breath!

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