New Release Date for The Great Divide

Encounter Books has just confirmed a firm release date for The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever Agree

The book will be delivered from the printer by end of January, and distribution to stores will begin immediately.

The firm release date is now February 17th, at which time reviews can be released and the Publisher is confident the book will be available in stores across the land.

I am handling a lot of the media promotion in Canada myself, and am happy to announce that about 30 serious interviews/reviews have been scheduled already, and more to come.

If any of you would like to help, please send me the names and email addresses of media folks in your area whom you think might be interested, and I will follow up.

This book challenges liberals and conservatives alike, so we are getting very strong interest from all sides at this early stage because the book includes 15 Tables that ask the reader “Where Do You Stand?” on all the issues examined.

When important interviews get booked, I will post the info here in advance.


p.s Also, PJMedia website, which gets a lot of serious traffic, has just accepted an article of mine on the terror in Paris.

Should be posted by Friday night. Title is: “It’s a War of the Gods”, and I believe it presents a novel interpretation of that terrible event.

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