The Dramatic Shift From Classical Liberalism, to Libertarian-Socialism

         Here is another Table, which I expanded upon in my book The Great Divide (on pages 26-30) , that sharply illustrates the regime-change in Canada since the middle of the last  century.  A Table very similar to this could be drawn up for any Western nation. Read it. Think about it. Ask yourself where this trend is heading … because it is not going to stop anytime soon! 

       What we see in Part A is that many things once considered matters of fundamental freedom having to do with such as buying personal health care, private  property rights, economic rights, freedom of thought, speech, and language rights, have fallen under state control; and in Part B, that the main focus of citizen freedom has become reduced to and is now centered upon the body and sexual matters,

    It has been a Faustian deal wrought by Statist regimes all over the once-free world: More control and minute regulation of human life in all reaches of government, financed by the heaviest non-wartime taxation and public debt (deferred taxation) in history, in exchange for allowing citizens more bodily and sexual freedoms (abortion rights, homosexual rights, common-law marriage rights, easy-divorce rights, pornography rights, drug rights, transgender rights, etc.,  etc,)

A) The Advance of Socialism

  Item                                            1950                                                               Today

Private Medical Care          Legal. Free-market                 Illegal. State monopoly

                                                                                                   On all gov’t-insured services in Canada


Private Medical                  Legal. Open to all                    Illegal to buy or sell private options for 

Care                                                                                                 gov’t-insured medical services


National Language            Legal to use any language      Illegal. Forced Bilingualism

 Freedom                                                                                       coast to coast in Canada 


Private Property                 Legally-Protected. Lightly                     Heavily Regulated by many  

                                             regulated. Celebrated as an                      agencies. No constitutional

                                             historical common-law right                 protection in Canada’s Charter

                                           regulated. Celebrated as                       Many takings-by-regulation that   

                                           historical common-law right                 diminish property value without

                                                                                                               market compensation


Rights to the                     Legal. All resources above                        Illegal. Federal and  

 “Gifts of Nature”            or below the surface of one’s                     Provincial/State  

on Private land                   privately owned land                                 governments have legislatively-

                                              –“From Heaven to Hell” —                        seized private resources

                                             protected in law since                            without compensation to owners.

                                              ancient times 


 Free Speech                       Legal; open to all                                    Illegal. PC “hate” speech laws,

                                          except for libel, slander, etc.                   Human Rights Tribunals  & thought 

                                           All classic books allowed                       control.  Many classic books banned

                                           Free speech for third parties                  in schools .Third-party speech banned 

                                           allowed during elections                        at elections.

                                          Public discussion of all topics               Public discussion of many topics

                                        encouraged                                                actively discouraged/banned as “hate”



Part B – The Advance of Libertarianism 

Pornography                    Illegal                                                         Legal. Available everywhere

                                                                                                                easy access even for children

Abortion                           Illegal. Only rare                                        Legal. Available on demand and

                                                    cases allowed                                               tax-funded (Canada)   

Homosexuality                Illegal                                                         Legal. Celebrated            

Gay Marriage                 Illegal                                                           Legal. Sanctioned by government

                                                                                                                    (in Canada and many other states)

Divorce                            Illegal/Difficult                                      Legal/Easy

                                 based on fault, abandonment                           Based on “no fault”

                                  insanity, spousal violence only                          Either spouse may trigger divorce

                               consent of both spouses req’d                            no consent of observant spouse req’d

Addictive Drugs              Illegal                                                           Legal for private use.  

                                                                                                                   State-supplied for addicts.

                                                                                                                Canada and many other nations

                                                                                                              now legalizing and tax-harvesting drugs

Transgendering              Illegal                                                           Legal, by choice &

                              Allowed for genetic mistakes only                      State-funded (Canada).    

 Prostitution                     Illegal                                                           Legal in brothels & redefined as                                                                                                                                    “sex work”


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