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The Multiculture Mess: Attacking the Nation State

This is the title of an article I just published in Epoch Times that you can read here:

Actually, if you’ll forgive the immodesty, rather than just reading it, I urge readers to study it closely. I worked hard on this piece. It’s a kind of surgical analysis of what I think is happening to the West at this point in our history.

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  1. Dean Love

    One of the ironies in the phenomenon you describe is that the naive willingness of English Canadians to become oikophobes and promote multiculturalism, is being exploited by members of other cultures that are so attached to their own cultures that they have no genuine interest in conforming to multiculturalism themselves. Many of them see themselves as victims of some form of oppression and therefore feel that they are entitled to engage in a form of cultural isolationism in order to protect their own culture. They apply a double standard in doing this as they would rarely if ever acknowledge the same entitlement to English Christian culture.

    Progressives easily go along with this for a number of reasons. One prominent reason is the secularization of western nations in which Christianity and faith in Jesus Christ is deemed irrelevant and many of the Christian principles that go with that are thrown out. Once those, along with the English Protestant culture that was at least partly founded on them are tossed, a vacuum was created into which a post-modern worldview moved in, and gradually no one was sure what was right or wrong any more. There was nothing more to stand for. Of course these other cultural groups had no problem standing up for what they believed and so Canada, except for Quebec, has been easy pickings.

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