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The “Progressive” Drift of The West

This report from NAS (the National Association of Scholars), a group of a few thousand scholars concerned about the leftward drift of Western Civilization, will be of interest to many:

Each and every concerned citizen must ask how this course of action came to be, where we are heading, and what can be done to correct our course.

This is a long and highly informative report. But even only a quarter hour of reading will give the idea

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  1. James Small

    I don’t have time to read all of that but the leftist drift was explained in detail by Yuri Bezmenov in the mid-1980s (videos of his interviews and lectures on YouTube are well worth listening to). Essentially we’ve allowed the perverts of society to run all institutions of media, education and entertainment. It could only go downhill from there as the “silent majority” were more concerned about their Bread and Circuses than anything else.

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