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The "White Privilege" Lie … and the Slavery Question

Below is a good paper exposing the weaknesses of the complaint about so-called “White Privilege,” which has become the latest catch-all slur aimed at anyone with white skin.
When I was on vacation recently, a very nice Canadian black man with whom I was drinking and chatting (who had emigrated from Jamaica to Canada as a young boy), looked at me in a quizzical sort of way, and asked me point-blank: “Are you aware of your white privilege?”
My immediate answer was, “Sure. And I love it.”
You should have seen the look on his face!
“And,” I continued, I am sure if I lived in Jamaica, I’d be very aware of your black privilege. And when I lived in Japan, I was acutely aware of Japanese privilege.”
He wasn’t so sure what to say at this point. Especially when I pointed out that he wears a very fine watch, lives in an upper-end home he owns outright, drives a luxury European car, and (this got a laugh at least) is a wine snob.” We enjoyed the rest of the evening, but I think he got my point, which was that all societies and cultures subsist on many forms of privilege, whether obvious or unconscious.
Here is the article. Study it a little. It will arm you against that silly phrase.

And here is a little more related to the business of privilege and slavery (which as I say seems to be historical framework for this kind of victimology).

Seems to me that even if all those who insist that their lives are somehow more satisfying or improved by indulging in victimology to explain away their failures, they at least ought to get their target right, no?
BTW, the phrase “white privilege” certainly has some legs, as it was mostly whites who oppressed blacks in the trans-atlantic slavery epoch (though they mostly bought their slaves from blacks who made them slaves in the first place, or from brown people such as Arabs who are still doing it). But anyone who reads the copious, highly-detailed and deeply-researched work of the contemporary black socio-economists, Thomas Sowell, who informs us that the black races of Africa (most of whom have always exercised powerful black privilege over the black tribes they consider(ed) inferior) were themselves deeply involved in enslaving each other for thousands of years prior to the white man’s run at this nefarious and evil practice.
So in historical terms – who is responsible, and who guilty, and who “privileged”. Everybody. So it’s a wash.
Here are some words of the master himself from his book The Thomas Sowell Reader, from his chapter called “Twisted History.”

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