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Victor Davis Hanson Nails It!

This is the best critique of the rioting in America and how the BLM movement has been co-opted by the radical left …

These are unprecedented times for America. We are watching the long-term consequences of the social and moral mutation of a republican democracy that has mutated from its original foundation in liberty, equality before the law, personal and social dedication to the common good, and minimal government, to a nation resting on the contrary: a foundation of forced equality, hence discrimination by race, class, and $$$, and big-government Statism, and most importantly, by what I call “hyperindividualism”.

This is a condition in which an entire society originally conceived as a corporate entity civilly-bonded in a common purpose becomes socially and morally dis-aggregated, or “atomized” – which is to say, socially de-composed. This decomposition is brought about very simply by the rise of the modern State which through successively larger taxation, in a process of replacement, offers so many competititve goods and services to all citizens equally that they originally provided for each other, that the original Triad of State, Civil Society, and Individuals, is decomposed into a simple Binary of State, and a mass of dis-associated (and de-moralized) Individuals beholden to the State, living in expectation of the blessings of life promised by the State, feeding on unrealizable expectations, therefore on envy, and so also on hatred of any more “privileged” than themselves.

This is my meta-critique of what VDH is describing

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  1. Peter


    Black Lives Matter founders are self proclaimed “trained Marxists”. Their stated origin is radical left and co-opting seems to have little to do with it. That is where it started.

    Peter Schenk

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