A Peek at Feminist Radicalism

It is difficult to understand the present radicalism of Western feminism without looking into its roots. They differ in every country, but also have a lot in common. Here is just a glimpse of the underlying radical root of modern feminism in Canada, which echoes the same radicalism in many other Western nations.

What is the Radical Feminist Political Program?

As we have seen, natural male/female differences, and the free choices that spring from them, are generally reflected in a free society, and in marketplace of jobs, goods, and of ideas. Even though many militant feminists have now given up in their effort to prove that innate differences are the result of “socialization,” they have developed a more sinister approach to getting what they want. In short, if you can’t prove male-female differences are learned, but you still want to eradicate the natural as well as freely-chosen consequences of these differences, you need a lot of tax dollars, and radical changes in the laws. Remember, the leftist conception of human nature is that it is wholly malleable. So the leftist wants to shape human nature with laws and policies, whereas the conservative will generally argue he opposote: that because human nature never really alters, the laws and policies ought to conform to human nature.

So, to change human nature, most radical-feminist organizations in Canada (and elsewhere in the West) lobby aggressively for abortion on demand, for legalized prostitution, lesbian rights, universal tax-funded daycare, the nationalization of banks and industry, for abolishing the common-law right to private property, and for withdrawing from NATO and NORAD. This is hardly the ordinary women’s agenda anywhere. In Canada, it’s the socialist NDP agenda – one with which some 80% of Canadians openly and repeatedly disagree. Nevertheless, successive Canadian governments, including conservative ones, have continued to finance feminist left-leaning programs lavishly, even those committed to bringing the entire government down.

Some examples from the start? The June, 1987 issue of World Marxist Review carried an article by Nancy McDonald, a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Canada, in which she Stated, “The Communist Party participates actively in NAC [since renamed]. . .” Judy Rebick, a former head of NAC, once described herself as “a former Marxist” (Globe and Mail, July 4, 1990); and Judy Darcy, formerly head of CUPE, Canada’s half-million strong Union of Public Employees was once described as “radically left wing” (Globe and Mail, Aug. 17, 1991).

Although the Women’s Program was invented in 1973 to promote the status of all Canadian women, it quickly morphed into an organization run by a hard-core radical feminist group that uses government funds to implant radical values in Canadian society that have nothing whatsoever to do with Canadians women as a whole.

Such an attitude would be less objectionable from a self-supporting group claiming to represent Canadian women. After all, they can claim whatever they want! But from a department of government? Funded by tax dollars? Pushing an openly socialist, anti-freedom agenda so obviously out of step with the sentiments of the people of Canada? And more pointedly, with the women of Canada? And … against human nature? Why, it’s nothing short of a scandal made possible only by tax plunder.

Any thinking woman who does not share radical feminist views and who stops to consider how her country is being socially-reshaped by such feminists in her name, without her blessing, but with her money, ought to be outraged. Without such funding, these women’s organizations would be a backwater collection of toothless radicals. With it, they are a dangerous force for social change completely opposed to the values of most Canadian women.

I say let them fight as hard as they like for their views with their own money, but don’t give them my tax dollars to do it, nor the dollars of millions of men and women who deeply disagree with them.

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