Supreme Court Supports Tradition on the Senate

Last July 4th I posted an essay “On the Proper Role of a Senate.” It is re-posted here for those who may have missed it. I think this essay reflects the feelings of our Founders on the proper role of a Senate in a democratic system, and readers will see that this in turn rests on a specific conception of our fallible, rather than perfectible, human nature.

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Quebec Has No Right to Separate!

As the April 7th provincial election in Quebec nears, a reminder of the fact that no province of Canada has a right to a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) is in order.

The following is an excerpt from Ch. 14, “French-Fried,” in William D. Gairdner, The Trouble With Canada … Still! (BPS Books, 2011)

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Some Clarity on Euthanasia

I have been buried for a number of months writing The Great Divide, which has to be submitted by the end of April. It’s going well so far.

One of the “Issues” the book dissects is Euthanasia, which I have included because it keeps rearing its head, and because like a number of other issues, this one marks a watershed divide between liberals and conservatives. Claims of individual freedom and autonomy on one side; charges of amorality and killing on the other. This is a brief segment in which I try to explain what the term “euthanasia” means.

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