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Live Organ Harvesting In China

Since beginning to write for Epoch Times Newspaper, a lot of light has been shed on what looks like some very evil doings in communist China. I got an early education in how totalitarian/communist systems work while in undergrad school at the University of Colorado, where I took a couple of political science courses from a passionate professor named Edward Rozek, who had escaped from Poland after the Reds swept in to take over all of Eastern Europe. I have never forgotten his pleas for the defence of liberty and his detailed descriptions of the clever and cruel methodology with which the communists took over formerly free societies. It created a permanent dislike of people who promote communist systems.

Recently I have learned about the persecutions in Communist China of people who became followers of a spiritual exercise group called Falun Dafa (Falun Gong). Spiritual groups are frowned upon in 100% materialistic systems, This group ended up with over 100 million followers who got so into their spiritual exercises that they began ripping up their communist party cards. So the government moved in to squash this threat to their ideology. It began with banning. Then arrests. Then imprisonment. Then brainwashing. Then outright torture and organ harvesting of those who died. Then … organ harvesting of those still living. OMG

I have no personal evidence of this, but an Editor of Epoch Times sent me the articles below, which I am sharing with my readers here. I can’t say enjoy them. But I can say that world opinion does make a difference in defeating certain evils. These pieces help form that opinion

Survivors and victims on shocking state-sanctioned organ harvesting in China

SMH: ‘Crimes against humanity’: is China killing political prisoners for their organs?

Freedom House report “Battle for China’s Spirit”

China is harvesting organs from detainees, tribunal concludes


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