My First Podcast Is Up Now

Please go to “Podcasts” on the Home page of this website, and click the media-bar to hear my first ever Podcast.  I hope it is clear, informative, and makes sense.

I have done many hundreds of media interviews in my life as an author, but this is my first Podcasting effort. And I think I am going to enjoy it a lot – eventually. Seems to be the way of the future. But honestly, it is a little more difficult than I imagined, because unlike a live interview, where I get to engage with real people, see their reactions, hear their thoughts as we discuss or debate a topic, podcasting alone is, well, a little lonely.

Okay, there is a lovely view of nature outside my window, But basically, I sit in my study alone and speak into a microphone to no one, and have to fiddle with recording details as I go, and hope I don’t mess it up.

So if you do listen, please let me know if you think this is a worthwhile venture, because if it is, I will plan more of them.


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