Update on Media and Sales of The Great Divide

It’s been an interesting ride so far!

The Great Divide: Why Liberals and Conservatives Will Never, Ever Agree was released Feb. 17th in the USA, and March 1st in Canada.

Spence Media, a US publicity agency, is handling media in the USA, and I am organizing what I can in Canada on my own (flagrant self-promotion!).

To date, about 25 radio (and some Skype) interviews have been scheduled, and 21 completed so far. A couple have been Canadian. Most are American. These have ranged from broadcasts in Texas, New Hampshire, Virginia, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, and Colorado, among others. Americans are especially interested in this book because of “the gridlock” in American democracy (and also, I might add, because of upset over President Obama legislating unilaterally, via Executive Orders, etc.).

In Canada, we had a good opener live national interview with Charles Adler on Corus Radio March 1st. There are a few more big Canadian broadcasters now reading the book, who have said they will step up to interview soon. I will post those as they confirm.

Here are a few upcoming events:

* March 30, a live Freedomain Radio interview via Skype. This is an interview with Stephane Molyneux, a well-known Canadian libertarian anarchist philospher. He boasts of over 100 million downloads from his website, which he now operates out of New York. He says it’s “the largest philosophical conversation on the web.” He and I agree on some things, disagree on others. So this will be an interesting chat. Check it out at https://freedomainradio.com/

* April 8th, at 9:00 a.m., live on the AM 640 “The John Oakley Show” from Toronto

* April 15th, Conrad Black has invited me to participate on a ZOOMER TV panel which will air mid April. Go to www.thezoomertv.com to check the exact air date.

* Amazon.com and .ca

This has been interesting. All book-ratings on Amazon bounce up and down easily, according to sales of the hour. If you want a high rating for an hour, you can organize a dozen friends to buy a copy at the same time, and the rating will go through the roof. And then drop down. Amazon lists about 4 million books. If your book is ranked at, say, 1,000,000 that means 999,999 books sold more than yours in that hour.

The Great Divide started (like any new book) at about a 1.5 million ranking on Amazon.com and at this moment (just checking now) is 71,000. That is a huge climb from where it started. It has been ranked as high as 21,000 for a few hours, and it is trending upward each week in the USA, like a rising staircase. This is good in a market of 330 million people.

In Canada’s Amazon.ca, the book (at this moment) is ranked 2,724 of all books sold in Canada, and #10 in books about “political doctrines”. Last night, for an hour or so, it was # 2 in that category! The trending in Canada is also upward each week.

* Chapters/Indigo Stores

The stores are chock-a-block with stock of The Great Divide, and it’s moving, if a little slowly (author’s are always impatient). In-store sales usually respond immediately to radio and TV media, however, so … I am working hard on that.

If any visitors to this website would like to help get the word out … please send friends and associates to Chapters/Indigo stores in Canada, and to Barnes and Noble stores in the USA (also well-stocked) where they can buy the book immediately, and once and for all find out where they truly stand on the liberal/conservative divide.

And … a reminder: You can buy the book right from this home page – click on Amazon.com or .ca, upper left.

Thanks for your help

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