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Will America Save Itself?

Possible, but not probable. If America decides to rush for the Statist brink once again, there may never again be sufficient political will, nor sufficient cultural residue of that once-great nation’s Founding dedication to ordered liberty, to self-reliance, and to repugnance for arbitrary power, to save itself.

In merely four years, renegade President Donald Trump, garish, outspoken, unbelievably energetic for a man his age, and all too fond of what Huck Finn called “stretchers”, has nevertheless pulled America back from the brink over which it was heading apace under President Obama.

In his first term, Trump came out of the gate galloping. Here are just a few of his most significant achievements. There are hundreds more for all to see if they care to look.

Defunding Abortion

 Trump cut American funding of overseas abortion clinics. Don’t get me going. I have argued that all the modern democracies have become slave regimes of a new kind, because in order to legalize killing perfectly healthy babies in the womb (even up to the moment of natural birth in Canada) they first have to declare them non-human beings (the singular mark of a slave) until they are “born alive”. That’s what they have done. And that’s why they are slave regimes.

Cutting Corporate Taxes

Trump cut corporate taxes big time, from 35% to about 21%. That gave corporations a whopping boost and the US economy responded by expanding accordingly until COVID-19 ruined the program. I have always argued that there is really no such thing as a so-called “corporate tax.” Of course, they pay taxes when required. But then in order to preserve their profit margins to stay in business they pass along the tax costs to consumers in the increased price of their product. So a corporate tax is really just a delayed consumer tax.

Foreign Policy Successes

Trump is the first leader ever to open discussions with North Korea; to suppress Islamic radicalism in the Middle East; to shake down Syria, to have the guts to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which encourages other European Embassies do the same, thus dissuading all future Arab attacks on Jerusalem and Israel. Since that move, he was also the first in the last half-century to secure a peace accord between Israel and any Arab state. More will soon sign on.

Restoring the US Constitution in Law

Trump has successfully placed hundreds of constitutional-originalist judges on US courts, including three on the Supreme Court. Even if he does not get re-elected, he will have left a profoundly important mark on American life by holding the feet of the entire country to the fires of its own Founding Constitutional principles. This is surely his most lasting and significant achievement.

Cutting US Involvement in Foreign Wars

Not least, Trump, who behaves like a Hawk in ordinary life, is more Dove-like in Military policy, but don’t be fooled. He has also strengthened US military might. His is an iron hand in a velvet glove policy, as in “don’t mess with me.”

Two-for-one Law

Trump hates bureaucracy, the main crop of “the swamp”, and his two-for-one law is a start to cutting the mountain of past legislation that has paralyzed so much of American commercial, public, and private life.

First-Step Act

Trump has seen that America locks up too many people. His bipartisan First Step Act is aimed at getting people in jail for petty offences back into society and productive life. Bravo!

Unemployment Way Down

Trump’s vigorous renewal of the economy brought about by lower taxes many other favourable changes to the business environment also greatly reduced unemployment in America for the first time in decades – especially for blacks

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  1. Iain Benson

    Fabulous as usual Bill!

  2. ian gentles

    Good stuff. Also he reduced unemployment to a near all-time low, especially for blacks.

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